Temple Management

Temple Management Committee

Dear All,
Reverend Gurujis, Senior community members; OHRC- Board members, Patrons, Advisors, Volunteers, Members, Well-wishers, and general Hindu community members living in Harrisburg, please accept my hearty spiritual greetings on behalf of  Organization for Hindu Religion and Culture (OHRC).

May you be aware that on the auspicious day of July 4, 2013, we came together, envisioned a shared dream, and planted a seed with a hope that one day it will bear sweet fruits? That seed later germinated and we named it OHRC. From its formation to date OHRC Team held 35 full quorum Board Meetings, formulated policies and statutory documents that got through State and Federal Charitable status, organized a dozen public events of religious and cultural significance, developed and distributed free calendar to every household, started Nepali Education Program, launched  Bhakti Sangalo program and published yearly newsletter.

Today, I am blessed to inform you that OHRC has envisioned a GIANT GOAL of establishing a Hindu Temple and Community Center in Harrisburg and I feel sanctified to move forward Temple Building Trust Fund Raising Commitment Drive from today.

Dear Hindu brethren I urge you all to take the privilege of this noble occasion and pledge whatever amount you can afford.  No amount is small. This is a “once in a lifetime opportunity” we may or may not get a second chance in life again. Let’s join hands, let’s share our giving hearts, and let’s be part of the process that will establish our identity which can be cherished for generations. May Supreme Lord bless you all. 

Tula Neopaney


Yadu Acharya

TMC Chairman

Abhi Neupane

Executive Director

Tika Basnet

TMC Member



Thakur Ghimirey

TMC Member

Prem Khanal

TMC Member

Rohit Dahal

TMC Member

Bhola Timsina

TMC Member

Indushree Chauhan

TMC Member

Dhanapati Siwakoti

TMC Member