Volunteer Policy and Procedure

Thank you for choosing to volunteer at OHRC. By volunteering you are helping us to extend the work that we do with the Hindu community in Central PA. OHRC sees itself as a learning community. We do not see volunteers as cheap labor. Your role is not that of paid staff but instead to complement staff work. We are aware people volunteer for a variety of reasons, ranging from the need to support that in need and help their local community and for themselves, for new challenges, to assist in their career development, and to meet new people. Volunteers have a wide range of developed and underdeveloped skills to offer and that is why volunteers are the lifeblood of the organization, greatly valued and given responsibility and support by the organization.

Mission statement: Promote, a social, cultural, religious, and spiritual understanding based upon Hindu/Vaidik principles.

1.1 Recruitment

The organization uses two main recruitment approaches to reach volunteers – firstly, general advertisements, and secondly targeted approaches for specific skills or to perform a specific task. This is achieved by broadening the organization’s volunteer base by advertising positions for volunteering periodically on our website, regional newspapers, and community groups. The organization, as far as possible and practical, meets with potential volunteers face to face to develop a relationship with them and assess their suitability. Potential volunteers would then be encouraged to visit an orientation session to experience what goes on and establish if this is what they were anticipating. The potential volunteer would then go through an informal interview process that would be in a relaxed setting with questions explained to avoid any ambiguity.

1.2 Interview process

1. In the interview, the volunteer will be asked questions relating to whether s/he has a special interest in the area of work. This would provide the opportunity to discover how suitable the volunteer relationship would be for both the volunteer and the organization.

2. Two references are taken up by the organization. References may be given by a past employer, support worker, faith leader, schoolteachers, other local voluntary organization, or someone who has known the volunteer for at least two years.

3. CHRI checks will be taken up, except for one-off events, during which volunteers would not be allowed to be with participants without supervision from a member of staff or a volunteer with a CHRI check.

4. As a volunteer at the organization you are a representative of the organization and as such, it is important that you read, understand, and act within all our policies and procedures. This includes Child Protection, confidentiality, equal opportunities, health, and safety, etc.

1.3 Complaints/ Grievance
Follows the organization grievance policy

1.4 Resignation

It is acknowledged that, at times, volunteers will not be suitable for the organization. When that happens the organization will contact the volunteer, to explain its reasons. These will not be put in writing. However, successful completion of the period of volunteering the chairman of the organization will issue an exit letter/ letter of recommendation/ appreciation.

2.1 Volunteers’ Code of Conduct
OHRC Volunteer Code of Conduct

Take your commitment to our organization to heart, performing your duties to the best of your ability.
Honor confidentiality.
Respect the mission and goals of OHRC
Respect and protect the property of OHRC.
Do not accept any valuable gifts or money.
Be courteous, friendly, and cooperative.
Offer constructive feedback about our organization in an appropriate manner.
Be willing to learn and take part in orientation and training sessions.
Follow through on commitments and advise your supervisor if you are unable to work as scheduled.
Demonstrate respect for the direction and decisions of your supervisor(s).
Treat co-workers (paid and unpaid), clients, and members of the public fairly and without discrimination.

2.2 Standard of Appearance

Name tags are required whenever you are present in your volunteer capacity.
Dress appropriately for your duties. For example, physical work requires clothing that is comfortable and durable.
Hats and t-shirts with logos are not permitted.
Clothes cannot be torn, frayed, dirty or reveal any part of the cleavage, midriff, or buttock.
Make-up and jewelry must be minimal especially in regard to facial jewelry.

2.3 Absence and Lateness
The responsibilities that volunteers take up at OHRC are very vital to the organization. If you fail to show up, others must take on the responsibilities that have been assigned to you. If you are unable to attend a scheduled workday, or if you will arrive late, it is important that you inform your supervisor or Coordinator with as much notice as possible.

Volunteer Opportunities

Temple and Religious

  • Assisting in the decoration and beautification of the temple in any religious and cultural events.
  • Help in ensuring the cleanliness of temple premises, including ground maintenance, parking lot, etc.
  • Assist in making necessary arrangements of materials needed for any events and provide needed assistance in setting up facilities/tables/chairs and a sound system for any event.
  • Respect the direction and decisions of the supervisor(s).
  • Assist in organizing, promote, and enhance religious and cultural activities.

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Education and Culture

  • Assist teachers in managing a classroom and assisting students in setting and maintaining standards of classroom behavior.
  • Assisting in providing students with more individualized instruction.
  • Leading a small reading group planned by the teacher and reviews the concept assigned by the lead teacher.
  • Supervising the hallways and playground before, during, and after school.
  • Supervising students in the classroom when the teacher is required to step out of the classroom briefly.
  • Collect data, prepare, and complete attendance reports as required.

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