There are eight types of membership in the organization. They are :-

(i) Student member

(ii) Individual member

(iii) Family member

(iv) Board member

(v) Advisory member

(vi) Patrons/honorary member and

(vii) Life member.

Who is eligible to be a member ?
Application for membership shall be open to all Hindus of 18 years or older, residing in Harrisburg metro area and its suburbs, who subscribes to and uphold OHRC’s mission and objectives shall be eligible for membership of the organization.
How to be a member ?
Membership becomes effective after completion and return of a membership application and membership dues to the Board.
The Chair of the organization shall grant honorary membership to a person, who subscribes to and upholds the mission and objectives of the organization.
How about the annual Fees ?
The annual membership fee of the organization shall be payable on the second day of July, every year for all membership categories as given below. This fee structure remains constant unless changed by the majority of the members at an Annual General Meeting.

  • Life membership fee (one time) $ 1001.00
  • Board member fee $ 51.00
  • Patrons/honorary membership $ 41.00
  • Advisory Board Member fee $ 31.00
  • Family membership fee $ 25.00
  • Individual membership fee $ 15.00
  • Student membership fee $ 5.00

What are the rights of a member ?

  • Cast vote in the election process of the organization, in which they are eligible. 
  • Take active part in the programs and activities of the organizations
  •  Receive information and provide feed backs on all aspects of the organization’s activities
  •  Be elected to the governing bodies of the organization

What are the responsibilities of a member of OHRC ?

  •  Become a lawful citizen or resident of the United States of America and uphold and observe the laws of the United States. 
  •  Belong and take an active part in the activities of the organization and community.
  •  Take necessary steps to understand, carry out, and uphold the mission and objectives, principles, policies and programs of the organization. 
  •  Explain the mission and objectives, principles, policies and programs of the organization to other interested people whenever necessary. 
  •  Observe discipline, integrity, honesty and loyalty while working for the organization at all times. 
  •  Refrain from engaging in activities against the ideals of OHRC. 
  •  Pay the applicable membership dues as fixed by the Board on time.

OHRC Membership

Please click on the picture to download/print the membership form and follow the instructions in the form.

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